Mission and Values

Our Mission

To be grounded in faith with an unprecedented Mission Focus on showing Intentional Respect to our team members and guests by Developing Leaders that provide Authentic Care and Memorable Hospitality experiences serving each guest and team member as they are part of our extended family.

Our Vision

To be known for the most memorable hospitable experiences in every community we operate, making every guest a lifelong loyal advocate.

Our Northstar

If you’re not serving the Guest, you need to be serving someone who is.

MIDAM Values

  • Mission Focused – Striving to be the best in class in every business we operate
  • Intentional Respect – Showing respect to our team and guests
  • Developing Leaders – Providing our team the tools and training to be successful
  • Authentic Caring – Connecting with every guest every time through caring service
  • Memorable Hospitality – Experiences that make our guests come back again and again

Living the MIDAM Values

We are Mission Focused:

  • We set goals and have contests every day in the restaurants and hotels for hospitality connection experiences, speed of service or suggestive selling
  • Maintaining goals helps us drive revenue and creates an environment where team members strive to be the best and win
  • Setting personal goals will help you realize growth and advancement within our company

We are Intentional with Respect:

  • MIDAM hires fun and competitive people like yourself
  • We create a positive environment where we give and expect RESPECT
  • Personal growth is a large part of why we are so successful - if you put in the effort to grow, we will help you reach your goals

We are Developing Future Leaders:

  • We provide ongoing opportunities for advancement and development for all our team members
  • MIDAM strives to provide the tools and resources necessary for our team to exceed the guests expectations

We are Authentic, Caring and Passionate:

  • We spend time each day sharing actions of our team that were authentic and captured the MIDAM vision.
  • Caring and genuine actions are fundamental to our guest and teams experience.

We are Memorable and Hospitality Obsessed:

  • Always take pride in serving and exceeding our guests expectations in everything you do
  • Leave your problems at the door and come to work with a positive attitude, ready to win
  • Always remember to keep a sense of urgency when doing your job - we never like to have our guests waiting