Burger King School Nights

We want to help you succeed on your school night! We will help you get organized, give you ideas and help direct you to generate the most dollars you can for your school night. Below are some ideas that have deemed very successful for schools!

Ideas for Success!

  • Bring the school mascot to the Burger King on school night!
  • Create posters to hang in the restaurant during school night (please give advance notice if you will be doing this)!
  • Bring the school band and play a few songs!
  • Decorate the Burger King restaurant with balloons, streamers and school colors to show your school spirit (please give advance notice if you will be doing this)!
  • Send a flyer home in the weekly folder or weekly school email the Friday before the school night. Do you need help creating a flyer? We can certainly help! Email Jen Pobst at jpobst@midamcorp.com for details.
  • Post the school night information details on your school’s website calendar and home page!
  • Burger King will host an ice cream party for the classroom with the most attendees on their school night. Create a list of teacher’s names and have your volunteers tally students when they eat at BK that night. This helps get students, parents, family and friends in the door on school night.
  • Burger King will provide you with a packet of stickers with school night information on them as a reminder. Divide stickers among each classroom and have teachers stick them on kids before they leave school on the day of the school night.
  • Bring a camera to capture school night memories!

However, there are certain special considerations that must be taken to ensure the night is enjoyable for all. Please read the following points carefully before proceeding.

  • At least two adult volunteers (either teachers or parents) are required to be present during the entire duration of the school night.
  • These volunteers may assist by running trays of food to guests, cleaning tables, handing out coupons and mints, and helping tally attendees!
  • At least two weeks of advanced notice is required.
  • Benefit nights may only be scheduled on Tuesday nights from 3-8 P.M.
  • School nights are only available at participating Drury Restaurant Burger King locations.
  • Organizations can only request two (2) nights per calendar year.
  • Burger King/Drury Restaurants will donate 10% of the net sales from 3-8 p.m. on your designated night.
  • If the need to cancel arises, please contact Jeniffer Pobst immediately.

School Night Request Form

Please fill out the form below to register for a Burger King school night